1-2-1 mentorship

Undoing the archaic education of masculine and feminine roles given to us as children, allowing us to accept we are equal inside and out, creating life-fulfilling relationships.

Individual and partner coaching sessions are for you if::

  • You want to redefine your relationship with yourself and your partner.
  • You are ready to create consistent lifestyle changes to support the life you wish to live.
  • Understand emotions for what they really are and not be overwhelmed by them.
  • You are looking for a safe space to let go and inspirational support to move on.
  • Menstrual cycle education for an understanding of certain PMS symptoms and how to overcome them.
  • You want to feel comfortable in your body and enjoy its many amazing possibilities.
  • You want to live your life, not someone else’s.

You will come away from these sessions with a refreshed relationship with your body by gaining tools that enable you to communicate and listen to your own specific needs. Clients have confirmed how alive and inspired they feel after each session, with life being put into perspective and challenges easily worked through.

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I offer these sessions in 90-minute sessions which can be purchased as a one-off, or in packages. These sessions are tailor-made to tackle your specific wellbeing concerns. No two sessions are the same, but you can expect them to consist of movement work to release tensions and expand your beliefs. These sessions garner powerful results.

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