1-2-1 mentorship


My in person 1-2-1 sessions are for you if:

You feel disconnected from your body

If you’re unable to follow through with your goals and the promises you make to yourself

You need to work through complex emotions in a safe environment

You want to clear emotional blockages

You want to redefine your relationship with yourself

You’re looking for a holistic way to bring about deep and lasting changes in relation to how you live, think and move

  • 121 sessions
  • 100% tailored to your needs
  • For physical, mental and soulful support
  • Gain clarity and focus
  • Release negative emotions and learn to rebalance

I offer 1-2-1 90-minute sessions, which can be purchased as a one-off, or in blocks of three. These sessions are tailor-made to tackle your specific wellbeing concerns. No two sessions are the same, but you can expect them to consist of movement work to release tensions and free your mind, bioenergy work to restore your flow and a mix of kinesiology and other holistic practices to reset your body and mind.

To feel balanced, focused and freed from on-going tensions, these meaningful sessions garner powerful results.