90-Minute Sessions

In these sessions, we will focus on what’s creating stress, tension and dissatisfaction so you can start enjoying your body again.

I will work with you to:

  • Ease chronic physical pain that has no explanation
  • Achieve strength-based goals of the body
  • Implement menstrual cycle awareness
  • Create a movement menu to upgrade your exercise return
  • Help you to achieve personal health goals
  • Put the fun back into your movement

Half-Day Motivational Day
10 am – 2 pm

This is where you step out of the responsibility of life and into the excitement of living!

Learn how to declutter your movement and create a positive impact on your mental, emotional and physical health.
We will take the struggle out of your body so that you can step into your power and enjoy being you.

During the session, we will work together to:

  • Explore how you currently move and the impact that’s having on your life
  • Address any negative constructs you have towards your body
  • Build on its strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn how to use our hormones and menstrual cycle for creativity, productivity and joy.
  • Complete the session with Thai massage

All sessions will consist of various movement disciplines and holistic practices I feel will benefit your goals.

These might include martial arts, kickboxing, callisthenics, yoga, mobility, therapy-based movement, guided meditations/visualisations, breathing practices, Thai massage and kinesiology. With all sessions, you will leave with an upgraded communication with your body which will positively impact your mental and emotional wellbeing. You’ll have more clarity, confidence and an understanding of what you need to do to support your body from the inside out.


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