Are You The Victim Of An Out Of Date Way Of Being Healthy?

Are You The Victim Of An Out Of Date Way Of Being Healthy?

“I’ve cut out loads from my diet and nothings worked. What do you think I need to cut out, Abi”? I was asked this question recently by a woman who has been suffering from severe PMS symptoms, making her body feel an uncomfortable place to live.

When you experience painful physical symptoms, what’s your immediate call to action?

Most women I know restrict the little they already allow themselves because restriction is the only power they THINK they have. Taking something away from their diet in effect makes them smaller (which is what most women have been programmed to believe is socially acceptable. Smaller is better). They then use exercise as punishment (or they cut it out altogether through a stress response made of fear), which triggers the symptoms they were trying to eliminate.

But research is showing us that what we are applying to our health and wellbeing doesn’t fit (especially as it comes to light that most research is applied to mens bodies which are totally different to women’s. We’re not little men). We need to see ourselves as unique and apply an approach that nurtures that uniqueness.

This is where your menstrual cycle and the way you move with it can free you from regular symptoms such as PMS, giving you the tools to keep you on course and away from old, unsatisfying habits.

Your menstrual cycle and the hormones that create it are a powerful force that enable you to thrive when you understand them.

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