How do you use your emotions?

Do you become defined by them, not being able to see the woods for the trees? Do they drive you so that you don’t become the person you fear? Or do you become stuck in them, swallowed whole?

We are all unique when it comes to how we wear our emotions, but at the crux of them all, they are simply messages from our body.

Messages that your lifestyle isn’t working for them and they need another option. That’s why we ignore them because that feels like a pretty big choice to make, right?

Anxiety and overwhelm are the result of our will being restricted, and if you’ve never flexed that muscle of autonomy, you’ll believe that it’s all you (you can’t, you don’t know how, you don’t deserve it etc etc).

But it isn’t true. What I’ve seen time and time again is these emotional responses come from a misunderstanding through the poor education of what it is to grow a body. Your emotions are linked to your hormones which are constantly mitigating stress, but if these aren’t feed and nurtured in the right way, these emotions will lambast you and make you smaller than what you really are. Hijacking your value and putting all your great intentions to the bottom of the pile.

As hard as it appears, it can be easily rectified. And it starts by getting the right people to support you (hello, nice to meet you). People who aren’t emotionally attached to your past, and that give you space for you to show up as you. You can then start looking at your lifestyle choices with a fresher perspective. If your emotions are overwhelming you, I invite you to get curious into:

What do you value about yourself?

What relationship do you have with food?

What environments do you keep?

How are you exercising?

These simple questions can be the instigator that kicks to the curb all the stuff that doesn’t serve you. Start small with your changes as these are the foundation to the bigger ones and will be what makes these sustainable.

Turn your emotions into a healthy expression and communication that enlivens your body, mind and spirit and join the next Prøject Wøman program here. An environment that will support you in your evolution into becoming more YOU.


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