Goodbye Office Job

Goodbye Office Job

When I look back at my 11 years working behind a desk, it was the filler in my sandwich as it was wedged in between my life as a beauty and massage therapist and my now love of movement and wellbeing.

What kind of filler I hear you ask?  An absolute whirlwind of wild partying and working hard(ish!), with many Starbuck lunches of chai tea lattes with my besty, Olivia Taylor, and shopping expeditions to many famous streets for one of many famous office parties.  For a long time I absolutely loved it.  It was my very own version of Sex in the City and Cheers all rolled into one.  It felt like a huge family, a family I felt part of and loved.

Fast forward 9 years and that “family” just didn’t feel as supportive or nurturing anymore.  I wanted more and had an idea of where I wanted to go, but fear kept me in my swivel chair at my desk.  I wanted to work for myself in the health industry, but everyone I spoke to about it looked at me aghast before reminding me I had a mortgage to pay.

That bloody mortgage.  Something I was taught I had to aspire to from a young age (boyfriend – check.  Car – check. House – check)!  But couldn’t I work for myself and pay the mortgage at the same time (raised eyebrows and more aghast looks of shock horror)??

So I stayed in a job that didn’t make me happy.  That felt like a trap.  That killed my creativity.  And it wasn’t the people around me that were making my unhappiness real (although at the time I believed it was, making it easier for me to live with), it was me making me unhappy because I wasn’t being honest.  I wasn’t moving authentically.  In fact, I wasn’t moving at all.

Until one day, a straw broke my camel hump and it was do or die.  I just couldn’t carry on any longer and I jumped.  Or was it a leap of faith?  I’ll take the latter because I’m right here, in a place I’ve always wanted to be.  Inspiring health through movement.  Don’t get me wrong, the fear is real most days with having to think how and where my next payslip is coming from, but I feel alive and I have to be creative.  I have to tap into unknown parts of my brain that laid dormant when I worked for someone else.  The only thing I miss is the banter of the office.  It was such good craic.  And that’s why I, along with my beautiful friend and Health Kinesiologist India Majury, have manifested The Creative Woodford Workspace.  A shared workspace entrepreneurs can come to work and get inspiration by being healthy.  Working alone can at times feel isolating, and we both get that, which is why CWW was born.  Tuesday 3rd July, our grand opening, will consist of organic coffee and home made vegetarian food, kinesiology sessions, a movement/yoga class, and a Mind Science workshop on working through areas of life you feel stuck on.  Our aim is to connect people, inspire health to inspire life.  All you have to do is turn up with your laptop, workload and maybe some stretchy pants to move in!

So if you want to be inspired, get in touch or book by clicking here.

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