I’m Just Mum….

I’m Just Mum….

There’s nothing JUST about being a mum. But you’ve neglected yourself when that’s all you can relate too.

Having a deep one with my bestie, she dropped this bomb when I offered her a place on the next Prøject Wøman online coaching course. She said:

“I just don’t know who I am anymore, Abz. I’m just mum……..”.

So I asked her if she ever knew who she was? Silence. She wasn’t sure.

I have two children who mean the world to me and have taught me so much in such a short time. But there are other aspects of me that need airtime, feeding and nurturing. And when I ignore these needs, my wild woman comes calling. You can’t ignore her because she has many ways of communicating; mentally, emotionally and physically. She will pin you down (howling if needs be), on your knees, until you listen and acknowledger her.

Do you experience these blimps of dislocation, fracture and disdain at various points of your month? Do you fight yourself, putting yourself last to please societies urgency of consistency?

The Mother Archetypes natural powers are all about serving others and giving life. But she can’t do that when she’s drained herself dry. A mother cannot ignore herself as that reflects the way she mothers others. The way you do anything is the way you do everything. The way you feel yourself is the way you feel everyone else.

A woman needs inspiration to create change. A space to let down her guard and express with confidence and honesty about what she’s really feeling. She needs to be with other great women that lift her up and make her want to live her best life in her powerful body.

And for this to happen, you require a space dedicated to pulling your natural, powerful energy out so you can feel what you are capable of. So you can carry your labels without being overwhelmed by them.

Prøject Wøman believes in a world where women show up, together, to express who they are with authority and autonomy. A world where every woman is welcome, no matter what she believes about herself. And it’s a choice every woman needs to be aware of because her choices will educate her children on their right to feel with honesty and love themselves completely.

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