Menstruation Diary of a Mover – The Follicular/Inner Summer Stage

Menstruation Diary of a Mover – The Follicular/Inner Summer Stage

“The realisation that the feelings I’m experiencing of something amazing happening any moment are actually the energies of my inner summer rising, is all beginning to make sense. It wasn’t that something mystical was waiting to emerge, it was actually my energy rising, growing stronger, ready to express, that could create my dreams and change my world”.

I wrote this in my diary during the peak of my Follicular stage/Inner Summer. This is a very dynamic time for a woman, but when you’re not aware of the characteristics of your cycle and how your hormones drive them, you end up losing its essence and strength. Upon reflection of my Inner Summer, I always had this feeling of something amazing about to happen. I felt excited, ready and prepared. And then when nothing happened, I felt rejected, unsuccessful, and basically rubbish that that magic something hadn’t happened.

If someone had told me then that due to my high rise in estrogen, my communication skills would be amplified making it the best time to connect with my community, it would have all made sense. That “magic” something about to happen was actually my hormones rising to their peak of production. I now know to schedule those important conversations for this time to drive my visions forward, to talk to people about what I want to create and happen. I allow myself to be seen as the person I truly know I am and wish to be.

This abundance of energy needs to be expressed correctly so that when you enter the next stages of your cycle, you are balanced, strong and ready to receive what the body, mind and spirit are trying to convey. I now diarise my cardio for this time, making running, martial and high impact group work (remember this is a great time to be social and communicate) an integral part of this cycle.

My tips for this time in your cycle are:

Trust your confidence and push forward with your goals
Get out there and start talking your intentions
Get your cardio on! Run, cycle, martial arts/sparring and group training empower this season
Reduce phytoestrogen-rich foods as estrogen is at its peak and shouldn’t need assistance.

This really is a time for you to say YES, YES, YES (When Harry Met Sally styley all the way!), and see where the winds of fortune take you.

If you would like to understand your cycle more, Lifestyle Coaching sessions are a great way of receiving support and understanding of what’s going on internally to nurture and grow the external.


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