Period Pain

Period Pain

“I can deal with most things in life, but period pains are what drive a negative wedge between me and my menstrual cycle being friends” Lisa Jones, Woodford.

Does your period pain fill you with dread every month? Are you rendered unavailable on your sofa with a hot water bottle or do you grit your teeth until your gums bleed, bearing the pain and carrying on as normal?

But period pains aren’t normal. They’re common (with roughly 80% of women experiencing them every month), but they are NOT normal.

There are many reasons women experience pain around their periods:

Prostaglandins – these are hormones that control healing, inflammation, blood flow and formation of blood clots and regulate the female productive system including ovulation, the menstrual cycle and the induction of labour. High levels of prostaglandins can be found in the following conditions allergies, autoimmune disease, heavy, painful periods, cramping, PMS and hormone-related IBS.

Histamine Intolerance – this is where too much histamine (inflammation) is in the system. And when there is too much histamine you have an excess of estrogen as they stimulate each other. An indication that you have high levels of histamine in your system is feeling pain around ovulation and menstruation (alongside headaches, anxiety, IBS and skin conditions).

Adenomyosis – is an abnormal growth in your uterine wall. It’s similar to fibroids but NOT the same. These growths are bits of uterine lining that have grown into the uterine muscle and can cause abdominal distension, pelvic pain and heavy periods.

Endometriosis – is where bits of tissue that are similar to the endometrium grow anywhere outside the uterus, with its main symptom being excruciating pain.

Whether you experience that slight dull ache or the wanting to stay under your duvet kind of pain, it would be nice to have a choice as to how you deal with it. My top tips for alleviating period pains are:

Avoid diary – diary contains a protein that can cause inflammation as well as reduce a very important molecule called glutathione. This protein contributes to the histamine intolerance spoken about above.

Find your adaptogen – adaptogens are magic when it comes to mitigating stress and pain. My favourites for period pain are Red Raspberry, Chaste Tree, Reishi and Tulsi. But don’t just take my word for it (or the word of anyone else for that matter), book in a kinesiology assessment 1:1 and let your body tell you what you need. Email me at for more information.

De-load – most people are immune to how stressed they really are. Due to today’s noisy lifestyle, you can’t hear what you really need and rest is hard to come by. By creating a strong de-load practice through yoga, mediation and mindfulness, you’ll be hitting the root cause of your symptoms.

Start taking your health personally. When you do, you can alter your mental, emotional and physical health to evolve with where you are in life and alleviate those symptoms.

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