This is ME – 6 week online womens wellbeing group

This is ME – 6 week online womens wellbeing group

How amazing would it be if you could just throw your arms up and declare to the world:

“THIS IS ME! Aren’t I wonderful”!

What do you think? Would you like to be able to do this no matter what experience life throws at you?

It’s not always easy, granted. And when life has proven too much, I’ve seen myself get too serious, my conversation isn’t nourishing, I loose my creativity and zing for life. And then my joy gets lost. It just slips out of me without me even knowing. This is when life becomes hard and exhausting.

This is ME (standing for My Evolution), is about charging up the joy in your body, your life, because you deserve it.

I want to create a group of women for the sole purpose of supporting you into becoming you. Not a better you, a different you, or a newer you. Just you. Because I believe your awesome just the way you are, you just need to refresh the way you look at yourself and life and change your conversation.

Each week for 6 weeks, we shall be using the tools I have studied and experienced over the last 10 years to reveal just how we are creating the world we live in, and therefore our limiting beliefs. Each session will offer the opportunity to share who you’re showing up as that week, accessing our soul through the power of movement and free drawing, and learning to understand the very core of who we are and our reactions through menstrual cycle charting (if you are post menopausal this is still possible and has proven very effective).

I want to show you how to empower your choice in believing in yourself. It’s time to take back your power.

Please go to the Get in Touch tab to message me to book or for more information.

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