Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I teach women how to work with their menstrual cycle and movement to become the best versions of themselves in a comprehensive and easily understandable way.

Our menstrual cycle allows us to evolve and transform month after month into something indescribably fabulous from the inside out. Throughout my life I have been presented with so many questions that have driven me mad; if only I had been aware of MCA from a young age could I have understood that I was never lacking or ‘losing it’, it was merely a lack of self-awareness around the most natural cycle! This fruit of wisdom has been the transformation of me along with the way I move both on and off an exercise mat.

I created Movement Menus to help women with limiting beliefs, PMS problems, upgrade their relationship with their bodies so they can communicate with confidence and clarity with life. By placing certain exercises at certain times of a menstrual cycle can help support specific hormones do their job, reducing emotional overwhelm, boredom, tension and stress.


My experience began 20 years when I studied to be a beautician and masseuse in the very heart of London; it was the massage training that really sparked my fire as I just loved learning about the body – how it worked and what it needed to feel well. During this time I began to see how the emotions could impact a body so much it could create mental, emotional and physical illness.

I went on to study with some amazing teachers in regard to physical therapy, Anodea Judith being someone who became my soul teacher and mentor. It was during a retreat with her I learnt how to unlock tension and trauma from the body and to realise that our physical being is simply a constant flow of energy that can become stuck when we allow experience to trap emotion within us. Learning how to charge and discharge energy from the body has been my biggest source of healing for the many clients I have worked with.


After some hugely dramatic life events, I hit a very low point in my life which lead me to a chance trip to Budokon Mixed Movement Camp in Miami for 1 month where we moved for 8-10 hours a day in calisthenics, mobility, martial arts, sparring, animal locomotion and yoga. It was the best therapy I’ve ever had. Everything I believed to be true about my body was challenged which also challenged what I believed to be true about my life. I began to feel how movement liberated me from my past experiences so I didn’t create my future from excuses. I became more open-minded, less emotional and easier to communicate with. During this time I became interested in menstrual cycle awareness and combining this with my movement practice.

I love moving with all human beings, but guiding women to move with their menstrual cycle is like unlocking another world of health and wellbeing that sparks her creativity and reinvigorates her passion for life. And it is possible for every single woman on this planet. All you need is a body.

Abi Adams

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