A Foreword In Female Fitness – Get Comfortable With The Period

A Foreword In Female Fitness – Get Comfortable With The Period

Female health has been a mystery for a long time, no more so than to the females trying to find harmony with it.

Lack of adaptation
Ill health
Motivation crashes

And still in gyms, the media, and consciousnesses around the world, the mentality still holds the space that less is more. Cut the weight, calorie deficit, move more; these archaic approaches have contained the full potential of a woman’s body for too long.

It was through finally understanding my period at 34 (I started at 14) that I learned how powerful moving with your menstrual cycle is for not only physical health but mentally and emotionally too (and if you’re perimenopausal/menopausal you can still cycle with your hormones. You don’t get out of it that easily). My research uncovered the shocking truth of how little the world knew or was prepared to know about female physiology. All of our health and fitness protocols have been measured and gauged from a male body and adapted by guessing what a female needs through the approach that women are small men.

But that approach isn’t working anymore. We are seeing more and more women experiencing symptoms that previously didn’t exist at an alarming rate with doctors prescribing the pill, hysterectomies and thyroid removal as a way of dealing with the issue. But the issue isn’t the cause. The cause is the lifestyles we have created that are impacting our hormones and these symptoms are simply messages to say something has to change.

Through Prøject Wøman I have been championing the powerful approach to sustainable female health by creating an infradian (monthly cycle) programme unique to each woman. When we look at the monthly cycle we see that one half supports strength building and anabolic training, whilst the other side of the cycle requires a change in approach, gearing towards rehabilitation and rest. Due to the way the female body fuels itself at different times, the way we train can either elevate us towards adaptation and the goals we set ourselves or take us further away from them creating that self-sabotaging rat race to the bottom.

There is a growing movement that believes there is value in the menstrual cycle. We strongly believe that the periods need to become a comfortable aspect to training and life and not a hindrance.

When a woman knows her body and understands her needs she becomes confident in her communication. If women can become confident in expressing their needs, perhaps we can mend this rift between the female and male species where we’re not offended and angry at what’s happened in the past and get on and enjoy our lives.

We don’t have to fight for permission anymore. We need to communicate our needs clearly for things to change.


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