How Are You (Emotionally) Loading Your Body?

How Are You (Emotionally) Loading Your Body?

Prior to becoming a movement coach, I used to exercise to eradicate what I was putting into my body.

Did I ever consider my movement as nutrition? Nope, I simply used to run to burn off what I was excessively consuming (which was mainly alcohol). It was all about getting rid of the calories and being accepted.

But the more I moved, the more I wanted a fulfilling relationship with my body. I studied many styles of movement and holistic therapies that gave me more power and knowledge in regard to what made me healthier, happier and stronger: my own unique health blueprint.

It was when I combined my movement philosophy with menstrual cycle awareness that my relationship with my body turned from comparing myself to others to confident communicator.  I realised that my ignorance of my pelvic power house had lead to many physical and emotional constraints such as PMS and joint issues.

I feel the following sentence from Katy Bowmans Move Your DNA puts a womans history (and her pelvis) into perspective:

“The pelvis, like all your other “pieces,” is not a mysteriously broken part living in an otherwise healthy machine. The pelvis is simply responding to the whole body communication you create through your daily behaviour”.

Dear women, for too long we have been overloading our pelvis’ with shitty, uneducated damn right diabolical constructs on what a woman is, leading to our mental, emotional and physical overwhelm.

Forcing our bodies into the ideal skin of another, as well has hiding our evolutional journey of menstruation, perimenopause and menopause has left a gaping wound in a womans psyche.

Why do we suffer during such times as menstruation? Because we have no idea how our wombs truly work, instead encasing them in a body loaded by a life that doesn’t serve us.

But we now have the opportunity to reclaim what is rightly ours (our body) and the magical power held within menstruation. By moving with your menstrual cycle you can communicate with yourself on an elevated level, revitalising your relationship with your body, increasing energy, understanding your emotions, becoming more creative and productive and giving yourself the time to enjoy your life with those you love.

We have the opportunity to unload the past from our bodies which all women have a right, but most importantly, the power too.

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