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Do you want to know what your period really means?

How would it feel to alleviate your unwanted symptoms?

Would you like to take your health to the next level?

“Prøject Wøman is driving wømen’s health as a platform for their success in every area of their lives” Abi Adams

“I find Abi incredibly inspiring and have loved working with her and will continue to work with her as she has taught me that life is for living no matter what it throws at me. She has opened the door to what is really important to me, which has empowered the choices I make in regard to my health. The work Abi does is so important in breathing joy into not only women’s bodies but every aspect of their lives”
Bernadette O’Shea, Oxfordshire

Welcome To Prøject Wøman

Next Course: 24th January 2022

What’s inside the Project Woman course?

  • 8 weekly live 1-hour group sessions with Abi (recorded and available afterwards)
  • A Body Book to support each week’s learning
  • 4 bio-energy movement videos to support the different stages of your cycle
  • 4 exercise/movement videos to support each stage of your cycle
  • Spotify playlist for each part of your cycle to inspire you
  • Access to the PW community on Mighty Networks connecting you with other great women for support
  • A welcome pack including a doTerra essential oil 
  • A free month of Project Woman full membership once the course has ended – including access to a library of pre-recorded movement, bio-energy movement, nutrition and more
  • Recommendations on specific sports equipment to support the movement programme
  • 20% off a remote 1:1 kinesiology hormone supporting session

I’m Abi Adams, menstrual cycle, mindset and movement coach….

As well as mum to Rafferty and Autumn!

I work with women from all backgrounds to forge a strong relationship of trust with their own bodies, revealing a power and grace that expands their freedom of choice. Using techniques I’ve spent years practising, learned from worldwide experts, I’m going to show you how to use the tools you already have in you.

“I turn 40 this year and finally have an understanding of what is happening to my body every month. This thing I thought was a female disadvantage, is actually our greatest power. I have so much more confidence and awareness in myself”
Lorna Donnally, Devon

Is this you, darling woman?

  • You feel like you’re fighting the symptoms of your menstruation and think there must be another way
  • You are tired of ‘just getting on with it’ and want to find a new way of working and living
  • You want the latest learning on how to move and exercise in synch with your cycle
  • You want the latest insight on eating to support your body throughout your menstrual cycle and beyond
  • You want to prepare yourself for, or support yourself in, the transition to perimenopause or menopause

Whether you’re a female boss, a mum, a movement teacher or therapist, we all need time for ourselves.  We all deserve to feel our best and have the tools to support ourselves through every season of our lives.  This isn’t selfish, but an essential part of caring for ourselves.  Not only that, but it’s lighting the way for other women and future generations.  Project Woman is your opportunity to dedicate time to yourself and learn to support yourself so that you can lead your life to the full.  Your time is now.  Will you join me? 

“For women and females who want to deepen their relationship with themselves, Abi Adams is the only movement and menstruation coach that combines mental, emotional and physical intelligence, to awaken them to the power of making their own choices”
– Rebecca Mackay Miller, Bloc & Rose

What will you gain from the PW course?

  • An understanding of what the stages of your menstrual cycle actually are, and the natural superpowers you have at each stage
  • How to support yourself nutritionally throughout your cycle and into peri/menopause
  • Recommendations for movement practices and exercises throughout your cycle
  • An understanding of why certain behavioural patterns may occur and tools to help manage them
  • An understanding of how your environment may be impacting you and holding you back from living your values and achieving your goals
  • Curiosity and enquiry about your body, your cycle and your decisions
  • Space and time to devote to you, fueling your sense of self-worth and giving you the confidence to make new, informed decisions
  • A safe environment and dedicated support from a highly qualified, multi-disciplinary practitioner within a community of like-minded women

Course Content

Week 1 Live Zoom Call – Welcome Home

  • Sacred time dedicated to your body – getting to know how it feels and what it needs
  • Values – visiting your foundations to longterm success
  • Unravelling the building blocks of our emotions and how we hold them in our body

Week 2 Live Zoom Call – Stress

  • Looking at how you digest stress and store it in your body
  • Understanding how to discharge stress through movement specific to your body type
  • What hormones allow your period to function and the impact stress can have upon them Looking at the impact of stress on your blood sugars and the emotional (anxiety, confusion, brain fog) and negative habits (poor food choices, addictions) they can cause

Week 3, 4, 6 & 7 Live Zoom Call – The Seasons Of Your Cycle

Each session will take a deeper look into the individual phases/seasons of the menstrual cycle and how they affect your mental, emotional and physical health:

  • You will learn how your hormones communicate
  • How to move/exercise cyclically for maximum benefit
  • Archetypes and their psychological impact
  • How to fuel the body
  • Holistic tools such as Kinesiology to soothe PMS symptoms and guided meditation for inspiration or relaxation

Week 5 Live Zoom Call – Digest Week

This week allows you to digest what’s happened, revisit what hasn’t landed or is calling your attention, and ask more questions. No further knowledge or wisdom is imparted so you can start feeling into what your needs are and the approaches that fit them.

Week 8 Live Zoom Call – The Grand Finale!

Celebrating our time together and reflecting on your evolution into the radiantly confident woman you now are. We bring everything we have learned, shared and created to this session. Completing on any outstanding thoughts and feelings and setting our intentions going forward through dance, laughter and most importantly FUN!

You’ve got everything you need.

Let’s find it!

The suggested commitment from you:

  • Attendance on the weekly 1 hour calls (typically Monday 7.30pm GMT) (also available recorded afterwards)
  • 30 minutes 3 x week recommended for movement – this is optional, but movement is a key part of Project Woman and I feel this will help lay the foundations for new habits and a new found joy for moving your body
  • 30 minutes a week to read through the course material and watch the weekly videos
  • Honesty with yourself and to have an open and curious mind

I don’t make demands of you, you can choose how much you put in. But remember, if you want more, you can give yourself more.
Still have questions? Email me to set up a free 15 minute discovery call.

This course is valued at £1,800. It’s yours for £897

I had such a strong feeling to join the programme and I’m so pleased I did. I’m so happy and so grateful and I really appreciate the time that Abi gave the program and the space that she held for us. It was amazing. Thank you so much
Eliza Stuart, Ibiza


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