Transforming your relationship with exercise

Choose the woman you want to be

“Abi’s training has provided me with the power to be kinder to myself and the knowledge of how to start listening to my body. Prøject Wøman has taught me what to expect from my cycle so I have an understanding of why I’m feeling what I’m feeling; whether that’s wanting to swing from the chandeliers naked whilst sipping champagne or locking myself indoors with a cup of hot chocolate whilst reading a good book – I now know why “-
Suzy Harris, Essex.

Prøject Wøman – Transforming Your Relationship With Exercise

Next Course: 18th January 2021

“I don’t know what I’m doing” – anonymous woman

When the going gets tough, you end up putting yourself last, ignoring your needs which makes you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and alone. But you’re are not alone. Women are reporting on the anxiety they feel with regards to maintaining sustainable health habits due to a lack of time, money and an authentic network they trust.

That is why I’ve created Prøject Wøman: a 7-week online course that creates the time and space you need to transform your out of date lifestyle habits with tools designed specifically for women, so you have the freedom to make choices that enable you to thrive.

This is an intimate experience with limited spaces available.

Are you ready to:

1. Prioritise your needs?
2. Honour yourself as a woman?
3. Create stronger choices?
4. Get clear on what you want from your health?

5. Feel great in your body?
6. Take your exercise to the next level!

7. Feel emotional freedom?
8. Live your best life?

“I turn 40 this year and finally have an understanding of what is happening to my body every month. This thing I thought was a female disadvantage, is actually our greatest power. I have so much more confidence and awareness in myself” –
Lorna Donnally, Devon.

Awaken Your Powerful Woman With This 7 Week Online Course

  • You will use exercise to create your own unique movement menu using targeted exercises at specific times of your cycle to elevate your health
  • You will receive a diverse catalogue of movement videos per week, designed to support each stage of your cycle that you can refer back to at any time
  • You will learn how the various seasons of your cycle impact your mental, emotional and physical health and create a toolkit to support each one
  • You will turn your menstrual symptoms into a communication, whereby you know what you need to feel better
  • You will forge a deep trust with your body that builds your intuition and confidence

You will also have access to;

  • Course-specific Whatsapp group
  • Weekly digital call with course members
  • Q&A session at the end of each week for clarity and motivation
  • Interactive digital workbook
  • Catalogue of movement/exercise videos, as well as holistic techniques to keep forever

Bonus Content

  • Great discounts with women’s health brands to support hormonal health, including WHOOP and Daye
  • 7 week free Prøject Wøman membership
  • Free doTerra wild orange essential oil to support your meditations
  • Weekly playlists to keep you motivated to move
  • Pre-recorded cooking class by The Happy Tummy Company to support gut health and your hormones
  • Guided premenstrual ritual with myself that celebrates everything you are as a woman!


  • Weekly digital calls via a secure and private site
  • You will approach the workbook with the group during our digital sessions, as well as use it to support your biohacking exercises each week
  • All additional information including blogs, interviews, Q&A’s, cooking classes can be found on the private membership
  • The course-specific Whatsapp group will be used for inspiration and support

“For women and females who want to deepen their relationship with themselves, Abi Adams is the only movement and menstruation coach that combines mental, emotional and physical intelligence, to awaken them to the power of making their own choices” – Rebecca Mackay Miller, Bloc & Rose

Are you ready to feel fabulous in your body?

What To Expect

Week 1 Live Zoom Call – Welcome Home

  • Sacred time dedicated to your body – getting to know how it feels and what it wants through movement, guided visualisations and sharing
  • Unravelling The building blocks of our emotions and how we hold them in our body through the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Understanding the physiology of The Via Positiva (follicular phase) and the Via Negativa (luteal phase) and how they make us feel

Week 2 Live Zoom Call – Stress

  • Looking at how you digest stress and store it in your body
  • Understanding how to discharge stress through movement specific to your body type
  • What hormones allow your period to function and the impact stress can have upon them Looking at the impact of stress on your blood sugars and the emotional (anxiety, confusion, brain fog) and negative habits (poor food choices, addictions) they can cause

Week 3 – 6 Live Zoom Call – The Seasons Of Your Cycle

Each session will take a deeper look into the individual phases/seasons of the menstrual cycle and how they affect your mental, emotional and physical health:

  • You will learn how your hormones communicate
  • How to move/exercise cyclically for maximum benefit
  • Archetypes and their psychological impact
  • How to fuel the body
  • Holistic tools such as Kinesiology to soothe PMS symptoms and guided meditation for inspiration or relaxation

Week 7 Live Zoom Call – The Grand Finale!

Celebrating our time together and reflecting on your evolution into the radiantly confident woman you now are. We bring everything we have learned, shared and created to this session. Completing on any outstanding thoughts and feelings and setting our intentions going forward through dance, laughter and most importantly FUN!

Each week you will receive a catalogue of movement/exercise videos, as well as holistic tools to support the live sessions and encourage your powerful woman to rise up and communicate with confidence.

Affirm your sense of self


This transformational online training will teach you how to unravel your body from the past and project your confident woman forward into a prosperous and exciting future.

Create a confident conversation with your body today!


This deposit will provisionally reserve you place on this evolutionary experience, and is non-refundable after 1 week.

I had such a strong feeling to join the programme and I’m so pleased I did. I’m so happy and so grateful and I really appreciate the time that Abi gave the program, and the space that she held for us. It was amazing. Thank you so much –
Eliza Stuart, Ibiza


To Your Prøject Wøman.

A space for you to empower your freedom of choice and thrive.
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