7 Reasons Prøject Wøman Is So Bloody Awesome!

7 Reasons Prøject Wøman Is So Bloody Awesome!

Is it time you found a place you really belong and feel confident being you? A place where you’re not afraid to say how you truly feel; even if that means screaming out your anger, dancing with your joy, or crying out your grief; are you ready to get your shit together?

I’ve been listening to women all around the world and they are reporting on how isolated, time stricken and overwrought they feel, having to survive lockdown whilst maintaining life. Right now, they don’t feel important enough to create time for themselves. This is what I’ve heard:

  • I don’t have any motivation right now.
  • I’m so emotional, I could cry at anything and I don’t know why.
  • My period is all over the place and I’m experiencing pain and PMS like when I first started
  • I don’t know where to start or how to stick to a routine.
  • I had no idea my period had such an impact on my health.

Can you feel that? Do you resonate with one or all of the above? This is where Prøject Wøman is your foundation for updating the way you feel about yourself so you can create life-changing options that support your ability to thrive in life. Here are 7 reasons why PW is an awesome choice for you:

HANG OUT with other great women looking to find a confident relationship with their bodies, minds and emotions either in the Prøject Wøman membership or 7 week online course.

PERIOD POWER is every woman’s superpower. Prøject Wøman gives you the opportunity to understand exactly what your cycle does and the impact your lifestyle has upon it so you can make greater choices in regards to your health and wellbeing.

MOVE because you know it’s good for your body, not because you’re trying to change your body and squeeze it into a skin it doesn’t belong. PW offers great classes, workshops, courses and 1:1 sessions that inspire you to be more you.

FEEL what’s really going on with you and how that’s impacting your life by joining the various talks, workshops or courses.

EXPRESS your emotions in a space you are supported and encouraged to do so, no matter what it looks like. Prøject Wøman offers the Ritual Sessions where you have the opportunity to discuss what’s going on in your life, softening the load you are carrying and receiving support from your community.

UNDERSTAND what you need to make you the best version of yourself, not a carbon copy of someone else’s fantasy. There are great talks from women all over the world, offering advice and sharing tools that maintain a healthy conversation with your body.

MUSIC is the most inspirational tool we have to move our bodies, and the carefully curated playlists offer a fountain of inspiration to get the most unmotivated body moving.

Prøject Wøman offers you a wealth of knowledge in regards to women’s health, giving you more choice and freedom when it comes to living your life.

I want all women, everywhere, to own the feelings and choices above. I want you to have the opportunity, experience and space to find out what makes you happy, fulfilled and most importantly excited by life.

Because life isn’t JUST about surviving, it’s about running as wildly and joyously through it as you can. Because you can, when you know how.

With me?

Be part of an evolutionary group of women as they unite on the next Prøject Wøman online course. Click here to find out more.


To Your Prøject Wøman.

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