Being In Flow & Being Cyclical by Cassandra Wilder ND

Being In Flow & Being Cyclical by Cassandra Wilder ND

Cycles are incredibly diverse, powerful and ever changing. Throughout the month, women move through massive fluctuations in hormone levels, mood, energy and productivity. Experiencing so many deep changes over a 28 or so day cycle is a powerful tool, and yet most women likely think of their innate cycles as a hindrance or burden. 

When I began my schooling as a Naturopathic Doctor, I felt the same way. Exhausted by years of irregular periods and thyroid concerns, I was tired of the hamster wheel of birth control and less than empowering medical approaches. I knew that there was a massive gap I was missing in my healing journey, but I didn’t know of anyone really diving into the power of our hormones or demystifying menstruation. 

So like many doctors, I decided to fill the gap. Over my 4 year Naturopathic training, I began to piece things together and ask some of the bigger questions:

-why are women told that birth control will “fix” their period when we know it does anything but?

-why are women of reproductive years left out of so many research studies?

-why is there still such a stigma around menstrual health?

-why is it now “normal” for a woman to experience debilitating period symptoms and be told that it’s just the way it is? 

Through my obsession with hormones, cycles and the wisdom of the feminine body, I began to notice massive changes in my own cycles. For the first time, my menstrual cycle came regularly and lacked many of the debilitating symptoms I used to associate with it. My thyroid health improved. And best of all, I began to feel happy. 

Over the years in teaching thousands of women how to connect to their menstrual cycles and bring healing to their monthly flow, I’ve seen the gaps in our education play out in front of me. So many of us have attempted to fit into the mainstream approach of success and later wonder why we feel exhausted, dry, burned out and anything but sensual. By never learning of our cyclical nature, we continually move through life disconnected from our inner patterns and teetering on the edge of depletion. 

So here’s the simple truth: you are a cyclical being. 

Everything about you changes, ebbs and flows throughout the month in a beautiful orchestration. Your hormones dance through ornate patterns and your cycle lifts and drops in unison. 

Your cycle is also far more than just your period – in fact there are 4 distinct phases of your cycle total that teach you how to change and be well, cyclical. 

If you’ve ever needed permission to feel those fluctuations in your mood or felt irritated that at some times of the month you’re social and extroverted and other times… well, we’ll just say that a night in sounds much better, here it is. 

You were never meant to be exactly the same throughout the month and you were never meant to be anything but ever changing. 

To live with our cycles is to honor these fluctuations and rhythms throughout the month. For example, simply looking at a chart of what your hormones do throughout the month is usually enough for most women to get a sense of relief. No wonder, I often hear women say when they ask why their mood, libido, energy levels and sociability can change so much in a 4 week cycle. 

Now that you recognize you’re a cyclical being, what comes next? First and foremost, start to track your cycle. Notice your own patterns and what you feel throughout the month. Notice the days when you feel sexy, embodied and creative and the days when you feel tired, quiet and introverted. Both of these phases are significant. You can download a free period tracking app on your phone to start plugging in this information. 

Next, honor the patterns you see. If you know that the week before your period is when you are the most tired and need the most space, do what you can to move social events or group parties to a different time of the month. By honoring your cyclical nature, you have the blueprint to move forward. 

Here is your permission to change. 

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