Empowering Women In Business

Empowering Women In Business

Empowering Women In Business

Working for myself excites and terrifies on a daily basis. But I wouldn’t change the terrified times for the world as they help me understand just what I’m capable of and push me in the direction I would have thought was beyond me.

It was around 2009, when I was still in my corporate job, that I realised with a bang that I didn’t want to be doing someone’s expenses when I was 50. It had been a riot of wild times, but I now wanted to be part of something that made a difference, something I could transfer the amazing amount of energy I possessed and inspire others to love life as I did. That wasn’t going to happen when where I was wasn’t encouraging me to be the person I really wanted to be. Stepping into the world of health and wellbeing seemed a natural progression where I started my own mobile organic spa and tea apothecary. It was hard work, but I loved it. Having the authority to make my own decisions felt so empowering and invigorated my creative capacity. I then began focusing my talents towards teaching yoga and offering Thai massage. I set up a yoga studio and organic cafe from my home with my husband which was a great success. Creating space for people to come together and inspire habits that support mental, emotional and physical happiness is what makes me zing. When I look back, I had been communicating this passion of creating space for others with the plethora of in-house and client entertaining I was well known for in my office job. If I hadn’t stepped out on my own, would I have ever found this out?

The significance of what I do for a living impacts the way I do business. The more I relate to my body and understand it, the more powerful I become. I honestly believe that a woman can succeed in any way she dreams if she has a fulfilling and sustainable relationship with her body. So many women are realising just how hard they are on themselves and from this, the way they are working isn’t communicating the woman they truly want to be. We don’t have to behave like men in the workplace as that undermines a woman’s strengths and places unhealthy loads on our mental, emotional and physical health. By celebrating our differences, we can come together equal in the workplace.

I’m really excited to be talking to Lauren Malone from She’s Got This on Wednesday 22nd April, to inspire women in business take a leap of faith and go for what they believe is possible and not allow their emotions hold them back.

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