I Don’t Want To Live An OK Life In An OK Body

I Don’t Want To Live An OK Life In An OK Body

How’s your body feeling right now?

I know I’m always getting you to feel your body, but here’s why……

From a very young age, I learned that to be welcome a) I wasn’t allowed to be me and b) being the joker made my life easier, but it also saw me put my needs last.

I was hardwired to be constantly on guard, ready for the fight or flight, which I took into every aspect of my life: work, love, THE LOT. This left me little choice to explore who I really was and what I loved (do you know what you really love?), instead falling into other peoples ideals to make them happy.

From the off, my periods we incredibly painful, which coincided with the unstable and sometimes terrifying experiences home life offered. When you put these two things together they create a phenomenal tension that effects your mind, your body, your soul and the way you express them.

I wasn’t given the space to express myself for fear of upsetting others. This lead to a body I couldn’t feel or understand. And so, I continued the abuse I knew through a drink and drug habit that kept me circling an unfulfilling way of living. My body became stiff and unpleasant, just like my period (which I would always be surprised upon it’s arrival and then hide).

Your body can only carry others emotional torment for so long before it begins to communicate its pain and unhappiness. But even then, we sometimes don’t listen and are surprised when the big shit hits the fan. Which it did for me a few times!

Fortunately, I turned my past into a promising present which I wouldn’t change for the world as it has shaped the woman that I am today.

And this woman wants to support your woman liberate herself from an unfulfilled body, PMS and emotional overwhelm to step into her power and live a great life in a great body.

Yes you can, I promise.

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