Ovulation, Anxiety & Your Environment

Ovulation, Anxiety & Your Environment

Could your anxiety and tension be an unconscious reaction to you’re environment that manifests through your menstrual cycle?

This week my environment has not supported me through the follicular and ovulation phases as I’ve felt drained, anxious and irritable. Ovulation (or what I refer to as Inner Summer) is normally a time of high energy, social events (not great during a pandemic then!), speaking out and stepping up on your evolutionary ladder (accepting the changes and rising to the challenges of what it is to be a woman).

This month, that ladder has felt like hard work. But I have to take into account my reality: we’re still in a pandemic which has killed all social events and gatherings that usually inspire me to live my most adventurous life, I gave birth only 6 months ago via emergency C-section, my husband has returned to work in the office which see’s me entertaining not only a 6 month old but a 6 year old single handedly and on top of that I’m trying to cater to my needs at the same time. Just reading this makes me want to run and live in a mud hut in the forest!

Oestrogen (a hormone that reaches it’s peak during ovulation) wants you to go large during this time of the month, but when your environment isn’t supporting you and your needs, life can feel overwhelming. If you’re highly stressed and sensitive to oestrogen’s dance, anxiety can be a common feeling that see’s you retract from the world around you and create an unfair reality for yourself.

This is exactly how I felt this week. But with all the tools in my toolkit, I felt confident I could combat this mood. I took myself and my children to the park and set them up to play whilst I moved my body. Like I said, ovulation is a time your body needs to move expansively as you are at your most powerful, and to feel emotionally intelligent throughout your cycle, you need to expend that energy otherwise it becomes stagnant and irritating, draining the life force out of you. For me, there’s no greater way of cultivating and creating that power than through your body.

After an hour moving my body, it was as if all that tension, anxiety and fatigue had drained away (it’s called discharging in the therapy world) and I felt back in the zone of ovulation.

Movement really is medicine and the key to understanding what you are capable of, allowing you to thrive.

Do you shrink and contract into your anxiety? Could you explore the power of movement and menstrual cycle awareness to help assist you through such limiting experiences that will see you create a long-term way of enjoying your life?

I believe you can and am here to support you into making life changing choices that inspire you to thrive. Interested? Check out my next Prøject Wøman course starting 27th July.


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