There’s a Method in the Menstrual Cycle

There’s a Method in the Menstrual Cycle

There’s a Method in the Menstrual Cycle.

And it’s called empowerment!

I recently listened to my friend and founder of Hormonology and the book 28 Days talking about when we are our most impulsive during our menstrual cycle:

Week 2 – when oestrogen is high and rising, we are impulsive towards exciting, thrilling and daredevil type experiences
Week 4 – when estrogen is low and falling, we are impulsive to more destructive, self-sabotaging thoughts and ideas

My personal triggers upon listening to this were my lack of self-education and choice towards supporting this flow of estrogen energy when I began menstruating and up until my early 30’s. I can remember on so many occasions, prior to understanding my cycle, feeling this unbelievable power coursing through my body. I felt unstoppable and ready for anything. But what did I do with all this energy?

I went out with my work colleagues and got incredibly drunk for the thrill of it. Because that was all I had as a tool for excitement. This was all I knew for a thrill. Going wild in a pub/club, acting out, pulling some bloke… And then the next day feeling like absolute shit. The excitement deadened by the alcohol intoxicating my body. Not only did I not understand my cycle and the alchemy of hormones working away within me, but I also didn’t understand the choices I had to support my health. My conditioning and out of tune emotions we’re doing the only thing they knew. Getting drunk to try and deal with them. Bit of a paradox really in hindsight.

My excitement and thrills are totally different now. Movement has completely opened my eyes to my unique, infinite power and possibilities, which has allowed me to educate my power of choice towards experiences that support and use that hormonal energy effectively instead of it just sitting around in my body doing nothing (which lead to the incredible lows I used to experience). I’m in full flow of my Power of Yes which has given me more direction and focus for life as well as more enjoyment for what I have achieved so far.

It sounds like a film, but isn’t that what life really is? You’re the director creating the life you want to live. Why not take full responsibility and make it more magical with menstrual cycle awareness?

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