You Are The Carrier Of The Sacred Code – Merilyn Keskula of Mylky Moonlab

You Are The Carrier Of The Sacred Code – Merilyn Keskula of Mylky Moonlab

As women we often forget that we are the carriers of the code. Not some sort of computer code from Silicon Valley that makes people financially independent, but something much more valuable – the blueprint for life on Mother Earth.

Women are the carriers of the sacred map that ultimately represents the innate wisdom of all living beings – the blueprint of cycles. We literally carry the wisdom of the Universe in our womb and all we want just is to silence it with a cotton stick or white pill, so we can go on with our lives being comfortably numb following the external authority who is less responsible than a baby sloth? I’m hoping to hear a big NO from all sides.

This is a HUGE topic and the one that literally can make or break our life on Earth. For the past centuries life in the “developed” world has been measured by linear growth, which is the most unnatural and unsustainable way of being. The way of the start-up founder who wants to grow quick, make big money and retire age 29. Nothing wrong with that in some circles, but Mother Earth is not a start-up and shouldn’t be treated as such.

We need to understand that this work – healing the Earth – is only going to be successful when we go within and realise that our body IS Earth. That in order to heal the Earth we need to make friends with our bodies and honour and respect them like the holy grail – with her blood, sweat and tears. And once you know your body, you know Earth. You will start making choices that are good for Earth as much as they are for your body and soul. This is why I’m so passionate about working with cycles. Understanding the cycles opens the portal for this inner work and inner knowing that creates deep connection with all life within and around you.

The menstrual cycle reflects the seasons – our bleed brings the energy of the winter and ovulation makes us bloom like summer. Similarly, each phase of the menstrual cycle is reflected in the lunar cycle, giving everyone – with or without bleed – a blueprint to understand the true workings of the Universe.
The inhale and exhale.
The day and night.
The growth and the gestation time.

When we know one cycle intimately, we know and start honouring them all.

So – choose your cyclical “map” and study it. You will not only discover an exiting new terrain you never knew existed, but also become the Earth activist.

And we need you now. Each and every voice released from the shackles of chasing the impossible “growth”, will open the door to another woman to come through and start trusting that she, also, is the carrier of the sacred cyclical code.

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