Encouraging Women To Thrive Instead of Survive in Regard to Health

Encouraging Women To Thrive Instead of Survive in Regard to Health

Encouraging Women To Thrive Instead of Survive in Regard to Health

Are you thriving or surviving in regard to your health right now?

Women are extremely expressive, being able to give and receive with great capacity through our incredible forms of communication, which is the key to our survival. So why are we using language that influences negative connotations towards our health, especially menopause? Whilst recently browsing the magazine aisle, I came across Psychologies magazine with a blazing banner across the front that read:


My initial reaction to this was Ohhh FFS, accompanied by a deep sigh. It feels like an incredibly lazy approach to scare women towards motivation (and towards buying certain reading material) that only reinforces a deterioration towards growing older with more wisdom. It’s proven that to enhance a humans capacity towards change, we have to install a more positive mindset. And we do this by calling to account the out of date, defeatist language that not only affects the women going through certain health cycles, but the younger generation charging towards it with great haste and fearing it (young girls are becoming women earlier and earlier it seems).

Wise women of this world, you do NT have to survive any part of your health, especially menopause, if you start taking responsibility for your menstrual health whilst you still have it. And if you are going through the menopause, it requires a few changes in lifestyle that may seem great in action, but with the right information, support and by addressing the emotional tension you may be carrying, you can THRIVE instead of surviving what is an evolution of your wonderful self.

It’s phenomenal to see how far we have come in regard to women’s health, but old habits die hard. And it’s these habits and the way we communicate them that will keep us repeating the same cycle.


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