How Do You Value Your Health?

How do you value your health?

How Do You Value Your Health?

What do you value about your health?

Is it the emotional stability from therapy? Or a strong body through exercise? What about mental clarity through mindfulness and meditation? A good digestion from great nutrition and supplementation?

Do you invest in any of these to support what you value?

If not, why not?

When you don’t support what you value most, you need to look at what is distracting you, which is usually the way we see ourselves and the state of our nervous system through our overall choice of lifestyle. Why would you invest in something you don’t value? And this is way spending time and money on you will not only change the way you see yourself, but increase mental, emotional and physical vitality. You’ll also find it inspire productivity, clarity and direction in other areas of your life.


Because we’ve never been taught too. We’ve never been encouraged to find out what really makes us happy and fully alive within life. Our core wounds (I’m not good enough, I’m bad etc) always jeopardise any newfound approach to our wellbeing because we don’t know the outcome and safety from any form of vulnerability will arise. Even when we’re trying to create healthier approaches for ourselves, if we’ve never done it before and we don’t know what’s going to happen our subconscious will protect us from this “stressful’ situation and sabotage any possibly upset (you have to laugh at how we’ve got this far 😂).


Most of my clients are scarred from the amount of supplements and health protocols they’ve invested in over the years (some still evident in their cupboards) and this again creates a roadblock when investing in the future. My personal experiences have shown me how important it is to surround and invest in people that want to really help you not be newer or better, but to be more you. Being healthy is about allowing your fabulous self to step up and out into the world with confidence and charisma.


So before you start buying this device, or that course, get clear on your values first. What’s important to you right now:

Emotional resilience
Mental clarity
Physical strength
Spiritual connection

Within these, what creates the thing that will get you to where you want to be? If it’s emotional resilience, do you need to check in with a hormone specialist or research in this area?

Keep it to one value at a time and work your way through. This will take the stress out and up the inspiration to fulfil on creating the value you truly deserve.

Big love
Abi x


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