Are You Fighting Your Body?

Are You Fighting Your Body?

As a woman, do you feel you have the support and resources to look after your body and health?

A recent survey I compiled revealed how so many women are experiencing PMT issues (some so debilitating they can’t function), addictions and mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Most of them have it all, from the family, to the job, the house and the holidays. But is that really their all? Or are they just living a life that supports an outdated society?

These women also report of having no understanding of how their bodies work or what their bodies need, with every month offering them bouts of anger, irritation, fatigue and physical pain that coincides with their period. But these symptoms are simply the communication of how they see themselves and life from past experiences.

Their bodies are expressing how they really feel, and yet they misunderstand them for emotions/sensations that make them devalue themselves building further distrust with their bodies.


I see so many women fight their luteal phase (this is the second half of your cycle that sees your hormones gradually begin to lower), which can create emotional outbursts and heavy cramping. She tries to fit everything in because her drop in estrogen makes her feel like she’s a failure and the fear of having to slow down scares the life out of her, so she pushes harder.

Sound familiar?

Your body is your right to a fulfilling life. By reclaiming your body, you become the powerful, confident woman you always were.

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