You got yourself to sleep at decent hour and slept the whole way through. Expecting those 8 hours to have recharged you so you can jump out of bed ready for the day. Instead you’re dragging your arse from under the duvet, holding back the tears as you do so.

WTF happened? And why do you feel so tired?

Recovery didn’t happen.

Just because you cracked a full nights sleep doesn’t mean your body has recovered from the mental, emotional and physical strain you put it under.

Your body has a certain amount of strain it can take over the course of a day, week, month etc, which is counterbalanced by your ability to recover which allows you to come back stronger and more resilient. But if you don’t incorporate rest and recovery into your work-ins, you will always feel that life (and getting out of bed) are a struggle.

A woman’s menstrual cycle plays a massive part in our ability to work, rest and play. Knowing that the high energy of the follicular phase is counterbalanced by the de-loading and downloading of the luteal phase creates a fully supportive holistic approach to your wellbeing, when you work with it and not against it.

I was given great insight into my ability to recover during my luteal phase whilst using my WHOOP strap. Aware of the the gentle drain I encounter when entering this phase of my cycle, which I simple put down to the change of hormones, I became very excited to see I simply needed to recover more efficiently. It was liberating to feel I could actually be doing something about it; perhaps a few tweaks in the previous phases/seasons would enable me to fully recover and support my whole cycle of health.

I have since been researching further into protocols to support this but when you get down to it, it really is all about resting. REALLY resting. Putting electronics and the social media platforms they feed you away, eating blood sugar balancing foods and most importantly, bloody enjoying the simplicity this wonderful life offers every second of the day.

Might seem out of reach now but with support and dedication, rest and recovery are a natural power you really do own.

How To Biohack Your Recovery

  • Sleep – keep it consistent and clean. Try not to clutter the space before bedtime with daily stuff. Our evenings really are all about digesting our day.
  • De-loading – a term used in exercise which also applies to our emotional loading. You have to flex that muscle of letting go of the things you (think) you need to do. You can’t constantly hold the world on your shoulders as eventually it will crush you. And then who’s going to hold your world up?
  • Food – blood sugars play the most important role in how you digest, build and express energy. If you are not taking in the right amount of protein, fats and carbs, you will ALWAYS feel lacking. As women reach 40 and onwards the necessity to intake protein is pertinent to their longterm mental, emotional and physical health. And carbs are not something to be afraid of. Knowing what a carb really is (fruit and veg, pulses, grains, legumes) will also benefit you greatly.
  • Exercise/movement – knowing how to exercise for your cycle will not only keep you fit and strong, but help you mitigate stress. Regular exercise will also help to balance your blood sugars assisting in mental, emotional and physical stability.

I’m excited to be joining forces with WHOOP to take women’s health to the next level. If you’re interested in finding out more, please sign up to Prøject Wøman here.


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