Mind Body Bath
I have been studying the body since the age of 17, learning many of the worlds greatest healing arts, which I have put together to form the Mind Body Bath.

This session combines Kinesiology (rewiring our inner circuitry), Pranayama (a deep breathing exercise), guided meditation, sound healing, and Thai massage.

The breathing and guided meditation takes you deeply into your body, and to the places that need attention, which is where the rest of the tools stated above help to move, unblock and release what ever needs releasing (mentally, physically, spiritually).

90 minutes @ £90.

Thai Massage & Deep Tissue Oil Massage

Thai massage is a therapeutic modality that eases physical and energetic tension. Using pressure point therapy to certain areas of the body can assist many ailments from physical pain to tension headaches and painful menstruation. Combined with the traditional stretching of Thai massage (or lazy mans yoga), this becomes a deeply healing therapy.

Deep tissue/fascial release massage is great for all those movers out there!  Whatever you train in, those muscles just love a bit of manipulation.

Only organic oils are used for deep tissue massage.

60 minutes @ £60
90 minutes @ £90

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