Menopause Starts With A Period

Menopause Starts With A Period

Your sex drive fades

Your memory fades

Your days are sweaty

Your nights are sleepless

Your bones can get brittle

You’re depressed and anxious

But you feel you have to keep calm and carry on. Sound familiar?

The above looks like an advert for one of the worst films you’d never wish to see, but in fact, it’s the trailer for Davina McCalls Sex, Myths & Menopause programme on Channel 4. Did you see it?

Menopause. What does this word conjure up for you? It always seemed like a bloody long way off to me until I started to understand what a menstrual cycle was at the ripe old age of 34 (I started my periods when I was 14).

What I uncovered was the key to my mental, emotional and physical health. I realised that what I had been told and educated didn’t apply to my body and that’s why I had been experiencing all the symptoms you’ve probably experienced too; heavy/painful/debilitating periods, clotting, flooding, physical injuries, rollercoaster emotions and addictions. Everything I was told was normal (here’s a hot water bottle) and part of growing up (it gets worse. FFS)!

I realised just how poorly educated and ill-equipped I was in supporting the one body I was going to get. So I decided to change that and threw all my money and attention into understanding what my hormones were up to and more importantly what they needed for a sustainable approach to health.

And it was on this quest that I met MPowder, a very cool company on a mission to support women going through this evolutionary phase of life by putting an inspiring spin on menopause.

“The truth is that menopause is poorly understood. Symptoms vary wildly. And many of the supplements that crowd the shelves of health food stores perform worse than placebos under test conditions” – MPowder.

Whilst supporting a group of women on their clinical trial using movement and kinesiology, I was bowled over by the bravery and vulnerability each of these women offered. Some were going through mental, emotional and physical experiences that would have left many on the floor. But in the words of Davina, they carried on regardless because they thought it was something wrong with them, that they didn’t have time, that they were scared to unravel the mess they felt they were in because they didn’t have a clue where to turn.

Why do women feel all the symptoms described above? Because the lifestyle they were told would make them happy is in fact squeezing the life force out of them. They have pounded their adrenals with the constant demands of today’s society and now they are having to undo everything they believe to be true to find the peace that comes with where they’re at. I’ve realised that most women hit this tremendous wall of grief when entering perimenopause/menopause because they are having to say goodbye to a menstrual cycle they never said hello to. All the amazing health benefits and opportunities our bleed offers seems to disappear overnight (along with all its energy). That can dent even the ardent of warrior women. So whilst you have your bleed, please understand exactly what it stands for and how it can transform your life for the better (myself and the clients that I support can vouch for that).

It’s beyond joyous to see so many wonderful humans such as Davina and MPowder breaking down the bullshit myths that still cloud this phase of life (and don’t think this only happens to our wiser women. I recently heard of a young woman going through menopause at 27). But YOU are a vital link in this chain of change. Your words and actions enable all of us to speak louder and with more conviction.

So let’s stand together; women/females/non-gender humans that are menstruating or experiencing perimenopause/menopause and offer the support we’ve always wanted, but perhaps have been too afraid to ask for; a 10-minute break to calm a hot flush, a sanitary towel for that unexpected bleed and a shoulder to lean on when the emotions hit the fan. Together, we can change the way the world sees our health.

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