It’s Not PERIOD!

It’s Not PERIOD!

When you think of the first day of your bleed, what comes up?

When you think of the last day of your bleed, what comes up?

I used to think my period was simply my bleed and when it stopped that was it… How wrong I was.

Menstrual cycle awareness is creating some serious waves now, which is epic as I know I’ve missed out on so much creative magic, as well as mental, physical and emotional health benefits. Your crimson tide is a 28-30 process, where you are creating an amazing cycle of life within your body, and this cycle needs different support at different times.

Through the amazing power of The Red School and my own intuitive studies, I’ve realised we move through the seasons of Winter (menstruation), Spring (follicular), Summer (ovulation) and Autumn (luteal) throughout our monthly cycle. Studying each of these seasons on myself and then my clients has enabled me to understand my own specific needs for each phase and season.

Inner Winter for me is a time for me to put myself first (SHOCK HORROR!! I know, the emotions I went through building this muscle). Overspend here and any point after ovulation can feel emotionally overwhelming and physically deflating. This season also enabled me to build better communication with my partner, allowing him to fully understand the support I needed at this time (again, lots of feelings of guilt were worked through here. But I promise it’s possible)!

Inner Spring is a time to contain my energy and not go running out the door all guns blazing. Learning to not rush into situations and overspend helps to build even more energy and action towards goals in my Inner Summer/Ovulation phase.

Inner Summer is my favourite time of the month as I’m a real social butterfly. I love creating, actioning and declaring myself to the world for even more creative inspiration and collaborations. I’ve found the walking away from this season and into the next a real work in progress, but one I am really beginning to appreciate for my mental health.

Inner Autumn was a serious time of emotional due diligence as my addictions to alcohol and abusive self-care would show up and create a time of havoc for me. And it’s here that can really show up how you’ve been treating yourself the rest of the month.

By overspending in the first half of your cycle (before Ovulation), you create a real challenge of acceptance as your luteal and menstruation really require you to slow down, complete and rest. I had a client who was sensitive to her rise in oestrogen at the start of her bleed (which meant she felt more energetic) and so would overspend as if in her Inner Summer/Ovulation phase, which saw her suffer the most crippling of emotional health. She went to her doctor who told her she was bipolar and gave her medication. By moving with me she realised how, through past trauma and the conditioning of her nervous system, she had been annihilating her body, mind and soul by doing too much which left her with nothing else energetically. She was completely spent making her feel like she couldn’t go on.

Moving with my menstrual cycle has been a life-changing and empowering motivation towards my overall health that has allowed me to create Movement Menus for my clients that serve them and their unique rhythm. I have changed the way they exercise to using movement as food to strengthen every aspect of themselves for mental, physical and emotional strength.

The steps are easy when you have the right support.

Please contact me for group or private sessions where I get you liking the skin you’re in and moving from a more inspirational place for longterm mental, physical and emotional health.


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