Your Body Is Not a Machine

Your Body Is Not a Machine

How do you see your body?

A great talk by Dr Emma Ross confirmed how I have always felt about the body from a young age. Dr. Emma said: “We’re taught the mechanics of how our body works, but not to feel it”.

I was immediately taken back to primary school where I was given a very basic and rather clinical book to read about why you have sex and how it happens. The explanation on having a period was so small that if you blinked you would have missed it, but it was something along the lines of to have a baby you need a period. That was it.

The mechanical teachings of sex education, how our bodies work and the need to act in a way that is socially acceptable creates a numbing of our senses and therefore restricts our communication, not only with ourselves but with life and the people around us.

Emotional education is the key to confident self expression, but many women have been taught to suppress that self expression for fear of being too much. Our emotions have been classed as overwhelming so we hide them alongside our menstrual pain and monthly bleeds for fear of being seen as incapable, meaning we push ourselves even harder to be socially accepted.

This pushing is having a detrimental impact on our long-term health, with an army of symptoms being experienced in our minds and expressed through our emotions and bodies that results in a menopause full of fear, tension and stress.

But the tides are now turning and our health is getting more coverage; creating a new wave of women passionate about our health and offering an education to help women thrive. Women know how to survive, we’ve done it for years! Now is the time to take back our autonomy, learn to love our bodies and enjoy the act of living.

The body is much more than a machine. Without our bodies we couldn’t participate in this magical experience called life and when we truly feel our bodies and understand it’s power and capabilities, we are able to communicate with confidence and clarity, supporting not only ourselves, but our families and community.

Be the extraordinary woman you were destined to be, not just a machine.


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