my story

I’ve always been fascinated by the body and what it needs to make a person thrive on every possible level.

This interest led me to study anatomy and physiology at Steiner in London, and in 2000 I qualified as a masseuse. However, despite having a dream to work with the body and help people in a holistic way, I was drawn into a stationary office job, which from the outside gave me the lifestyle I was supposed to want, but for years, I craved something different. Eventually I felt I had lost my way and that I wasn’t putting my talents to use.

Like lots of people, I wanted to discover my capabilities and essentially find myself. This led me to leave my job and travel the world, where I strived to reconnect with myself.


I spent two months in Rishikesh in India and gained my 500-hour yoga teacher training qualification. I went to Thailand and Greece to study the art of Thai massage, and went back to nature in the Scottish wilderness. It was during this period of discovery that I came across Budokan Miami, a mixed movement arts school in Florida. I spent 8-10 hours a day training in everything from yoga to martial arts, grappling, callisthenics, mobility and animal locomotion, testing the limits of my body and learning to respect and honour it.


I realised how fundamental movement is for mental wellbeing and emotional balance. I learnt how movement and holistic living could work together in perfect synergy to release trauma and break negative patterns.
And I realised my skills and experiences could enrich other people’s lives and help them to evolve, grow and flourish.

My life has been through various shades of light and dark. Addiction* has been a part of my past and I know first hand how challenging it can be to conquer negative behaviour or move on from the past or present.

My unique approach is a proven formula and has helped countless others to thrive and prosper, or as I like to think – win at life!