The body knows best

Having studied anatomy and physiology at Steiner, London to become a masseuse back in 2000, the understanding of how the body works and what it needs to thrive was deeply imprinted in my grey matter.

Yet it took me 11 years of sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day to work out what I already knew.

That movement was the only way to go.

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At that point, my life was all about money and worrying. Worrying about walking away from a well-paid job. Worrying that I wouldn’t be able to support myself. Worrying what people would think. Worrying about not having enough. Or being enough.

Walking away from my desk job was the best thing I’ve ever done.

It gave me freedom of movement I’d been craving.

I spent 8 months travelling around the world, learning as much as I could along the way. From studying Thai massage in Thailand, Greece and the wilderness of the remote Scottish highlands to spending two months in Rishikesh in India to gain my 500-hour yoga teacher training qualification.

Each time I moved somewhere new, I took myself out of my comfort zone. I broke down the emotions that had began to define my life and began to explore with growing curiosity the person that was always within me.

Despite my training, I never felt comfortable calling myself a yoga teacher until I found Budokon.

Highs and lows

After 17 years of training and moving, the end of 2016 saw one catastrophe after another present itself, and I felt myself sinking.

Yet it’s when I sink that I truly listen to what I need. And that’s how I found myself spending an intense month training at Budokon Miami, a mixed movement arts school in Miami, Florida.

It blew my world open. Training 8-10 hours a day in yoga, martial arts, grappling, callisthenics, mobility and animal locomotion broke every attachment to the traumas I had experienced and what I thought I was capable of.

I came to this understanding by challenging the very core of everything I believe in, from what I feel to what I see through my movement.

And it’s this experience and training that I want to share by moving with you.