my story


When I hold space for women to explore and communicate with their bodies, magic happens! The past is accepted, emotions do not define them the future becomes an exciting place to explore. Their body becomes an inspirational space.

I am not defined by my emotions because I understand my value and needs

Giving my body the opportunity to express through the various movement arts I have experienced and trained in has empowered me in taking back the responsibility of my life, health, and to move on from my traumatic childhood experiences and forgive honestly. I am no longer trapped in my past, my trauma or my out of date stories of victimisation. I am a strong woman who loves her body just the way it is and can achieve anything, because I believe in myself and my value.

Life experience and the training I have taken, and continue to take, has made me realise how fundamental movement is for mental wellbeing and emotional balance. I learnt how movement and holistic living could work together in perfect synergy to release trauma and break negative patterns.
And I realised my skills and experiences could enrich other people’s lives and help them to evolve, grow and flourish.

My life has been through various shades of light and dark. Addiction* has been a part of my past and I know first hand how challenging it can be to conquer negative behaviour or move on from the past or present.

My unique approach is a proven formula and has helped countless others to thrive and prosper, or as I like to think – live a life less ordinary!