How Movement Mentorship can aid mental & physical health

I want to show you how moving better can make you feel better.  And that by feeling better you function better mentally as well as physically.  Focusing on movement to support your current physiological needs, you and I will work together to enhance your wellbeing and health by understanding how what you think impacts how you feel.

Are you looking for full on support towards your health and lifestyle goals?  Would you be interested in strengthening your mind as well as your body for a truly powerful version of yourself?

As a Movement Mentor, I offer this service privately at your home (London and Essex), as well as group sessions in Bermondsey and Fitzrovia, London and Woodford Green, Essex.

This experience is about putting the balance back into your health by addressing hormonal/emotional understanding and education, as well as mental and physical strengthening.

Our first session is 90 minutes to get to know each other and whats going on with you, followed by either 90 or 60-minute sessions of movement and emotional mentorship to change your perspective on health and lifestyle. This experience is all about you so sessions are offered as many times as you need per week/month.

Private Pricing

90 minutes £75
60 minutes £60

Savings on packages available.

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