I want to offer you the opportunity to be physically, mentally and spiritually well whenever you can. And so I invite you to my Online Wellbeing members page, where you can access yoga/movement classes, learn about yoga postures, parts of the body, and calisthenics (physical strength). Therapeutic yoga is giving you the tools to unlock/release emotional tension from the body that has been stored as physical/mental pain, as well as live talks with myself and others in the industry on current events, experiences and life.

For £15 a month, you get unlimited access to all of the sections below, anytime you need it.

Flow Classes

From slow and deep, the Budokon Primary Series, to fast and full of breath awareness, as well as animal locomotion and mobility inspired. These classes are looking to feed the physical body and make it move towards strength and agility.

Breaking it Down

What does it all mean? Let’s break it all down. Deconstructing yoga poses, learning about strength and what our bodies may need for pain free functional movement. If you send in your questions, I’ll happily discuss and share.

Therapeutic Movement

Enabling you to understand sensations in your body, to really feel into them to remove emotional reactions that can sometimes engulf us in our day to day life. For me, these practices have created a more satisfied self, allowing me to be a happier mother, wife and human. If you would like to go deeper into this type of practice, please contact me for more information.


Taking experience, current situations and trends and discussing them as a way to navigate life without too much attachment and lots more fun!