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I’m going to guide you into creating an inspirational life long relationship with your body. Your adventure begins from the inside out, which will enable you to place your value below your skin and the way you look, to how you move your physical body and how your movement shapes your world. You are going to undo your past from your present making you less reactive to life, so that you can communicate deeply with yourself and the world you are creating.

This approach combines the study and experience of yoga, meditation, breathing exercises movement arts (calisthenics, kickboxing, sparring, martial arts, mobility, dance, animal locomotion), chakra psychology, sound healing and therapeutic shamanic principles to cultivate the energetic force that makes a woman whole and relationships fulfilling.

Immersion 1

The Seasons of Your Cycle

9am – 6:30pm

You will learn about the 4 seasons that make up your cycle:

Inner Winter – Menstruation

Inner Spring – Follicular

Inner Summer – Ovulation

Inner Autumn – Luteal

You will be taken deeply into your bodies, so you can feel the charge of each phase through movement, ritual, journaling, meditation and talks, learning how to support it. You will also be guided into making movement menus that turn the concept of exercise into food for a well-nurtured body that supports the mind and feeds the soul.

The Days Flow:

9am welcome and nourishing drink
9:30am elements movement class
10am light breakfast
10:30am intro into the seasons and ritual of welcome
11.30 Inner Winter focus
1pm lunch
2pm Inner Spring focus
3:30 Inner Summer Focus
5pm Inner Autumn focus
6:30pm closing ritual and hormone tea

Your food will be lovingly created and cooked fresh before you by vegetarian chef Rachel Dring.

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Immersion 2

Your Place of Power – Yes & No

9am – 5pm

The ultimate life-changing project of understanding when you are your most powerful, so you can create boundaries that allow you to expand into your Power of Yes, found within your inner Spring and Summer, so that you can surrender with ease into the vulnerability of your Power of No, found in your Inner Autumn and Winter.

We realise when and how to champion ourselves to enhance our work and social lives, and how by directing our energy effectively we can truly fall into the rest and digest of letting go.

The Days Flow:

9am welcome and nourishing drink
9:30 powerful movement class
10:15 light breakfast and reflection
1am ritual of welcome & the Power of Yes
1pm lunch
2pm nurturing movement class
3pm the Power of No and closing ritual

Your food will be lovingly created and cooked before you by organic vegetarian chef Rachel Dring.

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Immersion 3

Trauma within the Womb

9am – 6:30pm

A space both women and men find their most empowering experience of deep healing, forgiveness and connection – the womb.

Without even realising it, trauma is taken into the womb due to its capacity and strength to contain (the pelvic bowl was built for stability, so the power to “hold onto” stuff is incredible). This trauma can show up as PMS and various fertility related complaints, emotional unrest, physical pain and mental disempowerment.

In a group of only 4 women, you will be held, supported, encouraged and loved into allowing your womb the space to let go and move on.

The Days Flow:

9am welcome and nourishing drink
9:30am Kundalini practice
10:30am light breakfast
11am ritual of communication and womb meditation
12pm understanding our womb space
1:30pm lunch
2:30pm womb inspired movement class
3:30pm communicating with our womb through art and sound
4:30pm ancestral womb healing practice
5:15pm sound healing and closing ritual

Your food will be lovingly created and cooked by organic vegetarian chef Rachel Dring.

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By educating women on their bodies and what they need, they create amazing relationships not only with themselves but with everyone around them as they are able to communicate effectively, making them less emotionally overwhelmed and burned out.

Life Fulfilling Relationships
Mother & Father – the foundation of how we shape our lives
The Ground beneath you – the way you walk is the way you create your life

Optimising your period in the workplace
What is a cycle and why is it so important?
Tuning into the seasons within our cycle for mental, physical and emotional wellbeing
Empower your cycle for work, rest and play
How to move well within your cycle.

Exercise v’s Movement – What’s the difference?
How you transform exercise into healthy movement
How does movement create productivity
How to create a Movement Menu

These packages can be delivered in an interactive talk or as team building workshops that support mental, emotional and physical health, as well as community, creativity and productivity.

Great add-on inspirations for corporate office team building initiatives, seminars, off-sites and festivals.

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