This retreat is all about you (GASP. What – just me I hear you cry?) Yes, YOU.

This retreat is all about you (GASP. What – just me I hear you cry?). Yes, YOU.

Held in Chichester (just 2 hours drive from London), surrounded by one of the most beautiful beaches England has to offer, we will be immersing ourselves within Mother Nature to inspire, heal, move and strengthen us on this 4-day intimate experience for 6 women.

Our time together will be spent strengthening and empowering our bodies with runs on the beach, callisthenics, mobility and Budokon yoga, as well as finding our creativity and softer side with Kundalini and Ying Yoga, meditation and movement. You will also be introduced to the power of syncing with your cycle (whether you are still menstruating, peri or post-menopause, women still have cycles no matter where they are in life). Nutrition and lifestyle advice will be offered to encourage a fully functioning, healthy mind and body.

Organic, healing foods to fully support us mentally and physically are included. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will be freshly prepared each day.

This retreat is about you connecting to our seasons, and most importantly, the strong, creative, beautiful woman that you are. I am here to support you and get you to a place of strength, self-love and understanding.

Booking available via Billetto Click here to find out more

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