I am one of London’s leading experts and speakers in the world of Intuitive Movement for mental, physical and emotional health. My drive in life is to inspire women to step into their power by understanding their menstrual cycle, thereby changing their perception of exercise and how to use it to increase strength and productivity on all levels.

I am well placed within the corporate world having experienced 10 years with a leading property company in the West End of London, and seeing first hand the effects a fast-paced, stressful lifestyle has on the creative energy of a woman.

I am available as a keynote speaker for industry events, panel talks and corporate well-being workshops.

Movement for Mental, Physical and Emotional Health

Movement VS Exercise. What’s the difference?
How you transform exercise into healthy movement
How does movement create productivity
How to create a Movement Menu

Intuitive Movement
What is Intuitive Movement?
How Intuitive Movement can empower your exercise
Where to start

Optimising Your Period in the Workplace
What is a cycle and why is it so important?
Tuning into the seasons within our cycle for mental, physical and emotional wellbeing
Empower your cycle for work, rest and play
How to move well within your cycle

Yes You Can!
Harness your creativity and produce great ideas
Learning where we hold our limiting beliefs and how to move them
Creative tools for inspiration and productivity

Yoga Leggs


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