A few kind words

Abi is an amazing movement coach and the approach is incredibly unique, powerful and transformational. Through her willingness to be vulnerable and go deeper than the facade, she is inspiring a generation of women to move with the wisdom of their bodies and harness the power of movement beyond aesthetics. I loved Abi’s Mini City Retreat and felt it mad a lasting impact on my life.

Amy Rushworth, The Confidence Coach

I chose to attend 1:1 classes with Abi, as I knew I wanted to dive a bit deeper into my emotions and I would only feel comfortable doing it in a private setting. It’s been an absolutely incredible experience. I truly can’t admire enough the energy that Abi has and the way she leads you through the class to help you in your journey. You guys are so lucky to have Abi in London. I don’t know of any other teacher who does such movement therapy. It’s a truly unique experience that I would highly recommend to any of you. Just give it a try, you will be amazed.

Justyna Wojewoda, Switzerland

I felt compelled to reach out to Abi whilst I was going through a massive period of anxiety. Even after our first session, I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and was able to start tackling some of my anxieties and energy drainers instantly.
I’m amazed at how many positive things have happened since Abi has been mentoring me, due to my change in mindset through the tools she has given me.
It’s been a massive game changer!

Lisa McGuinness, Croydon

Abigail is the most incredible teacher I have ever been taught by. Her attention to detail when you are moving your body is profound. She completely re-modelled the way I approached teaching a yoga class. She is revolutionary in the way she explores movement. A highly recommended teacher, guide, a divine whole, empowered woman, who holds space for you to grow safely.

Sal Worringham, Guildford


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