this is me

This 8-week online course is dedicated to giving you clarity and understanding of who you are and your specific unmet needs accessed through 20 years of holistic training and movement studies, combined with the purest essential oils which you receive prior the course start date. Through distance based, guided learning within a group of 8 likeminded women, you will learn how to create time and rituals of self-care to empower you to break through your personal barriers and evolve into the truest version of you.

Forget procrastination and forget about putting yourself last. With this dedicated course I will equip you with the tools you need to take responsibility for your health, your wellbeing and your happiness.

I’ll provide you with practical tools and coaching so you can thrive in life, following a more tuned in, turned on way of living.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Create time for yourself and learn simple self-care rituals
  • Unlock your potential and free yourself from negativity
  • Embrace a new future that serves your needs
  • Push yourself into a new chapter of personal growth
  • Learn lifelong techniques that you can use to reset and rebalance yourself
  • Strengthen your relationship between your mind, body and soul
  • Feel free, light, positive and powerful and ALIVE!

What’s involved:

I have a limited number of places for the My Evolution distance learning programme which unfolds over 8 weeks in regular webinar sessions that last 90 minutes.

During these sessions together we will work through self-care rituals, emotional blockages, rebalancing practices and physical wellbeing using a range of holistic techniques. With a select group of likeminded individuals, this course gives you the space to share safely, in a creative, nurturing and non-judgemental environment.

What’s included?

  • Weekly 90 minute group webinar sessions
  • DoTerra Family Essentials essential oil kit containing the top 10 oils (worth £250)
  • Tutorials on bioenergy, breathing exercises, visualisations, meditations
  • Weekly movement classes that you can download and keep
  • Guidance on menstrual cycle awareness so you can gain an understanding of how your hormones can fluctuate
  • Learn motion techniques and movement sequences to encourage positive flow between body and mind

How Will I feel after?

  • You will understand your power of choice which will enable you to put your needs first.
  • You will have learned about your menstrual cycle and how to move with it for mental, physical and spiritual health.
  • You will feel inspired to learn more about your body and know what it needs.
  • You will have more time for yourself as you understand your need for self-care.