this is me

You have achieved every life goal you’ve set:

Successful at work and flying in your career
The ideal family
The body
The house
The car
The lifestyle

But there’s a voice inside your head whispering “now what”? Well, it started out as a whisper, but now it’s a deeply immobilising sensation that at times knocks you off your feet and makes you feel like you’re losing it (losing what exactly?). Your once immaculate body doesn’t feel comfortable anymore; your emotions are getting the better of you, you snap for no reason at those you love, and period pains and random body pain are causing you confusion.

You’re bored, unsatisfied, almost disappointed with life (but you’ll be damned if you’re going to tell anyone THAT).

By focusing all your attention on the successes that are great on paper, your woman had no room for exploration into who she really was, what she really valued and what drove her wild with passion and desire.

It is your woman that is calling you now. You are not lost, alone, desperate or unwell like you are led to believe. You just need guidance and support from someone that has been through the same experience. Someone that has always been wild and creative at heart, but used what she was conditioned with to tow the line and live like everyone else: excessive drinking, recreational drugs, and excessive consumerism. Every time indulging in these “hobbies”, leaving her feeling more and more detached from life and the woman she really was – powerful, beautiful, creative. Someone who has been in your position right now and knew the way she was moving, thinking and feeling wasn’t going to create the life she really wanted to live. This woman is me and I want to empower you in understanding your body, mind and soul. Giving you 20 years worth of self-study and development, combined with using the potent power of essential oils to create easy, fun lifestyle rituals to keep you and your family in good health.

This is ME – My Evolution is going to be your game changer.

What will I receive from the experience/how will I feel after the course?

  • An understanding of your body’s functional needs, and a sense of feeling comfortable in your own skin
  • An understanding of your power and what makes you happy
  • A healthier relationship with your body and how it functions
  • More time for yourself because you value yourself
  • Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual strength through the tools I have shared with you
  • How to flow with life and your menstrual cycle
  • Fulfilling and love filled relationships
  • Creative ideas to set your woman free

What will I learn?

  • The psychology of who you are through working through the energy centres of the body (chakras), yoga, kinesiology, bioenergy, calisthenics and mobility, covering:
    • Building healthy relationships
    • Emotional health
    • Taking back your power
    • Learning how to love and be loved
    • Growing your voice
    • Trusting your intuition and wisdom
  • Menstrual Cycle awareness and the psychological effects each inner season has on you emotionally and how to move through them.
  • How to create inspiring daily rituals to create self-value by merging the potent power of essential oils to support a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle for you and your family

What is included?

  • The purest essential oils from doTerra, in the form of its the family essentials kit with a diffuser (worth £250), creating inspiration for healthy supporting rituals for you and your family
  • 2 x Discovery Calls which you can schedule pre-course to help you settle in, during to clarify any questions you have or post-course for continued inspiration
  • 8 once a week 90-120 minute group live call via zoom which includes a 30-minute movement session
  • Private Facebook group to connect with me and your group of This is ME women
  • Weekly projects to inspire your mental, physical, and spiritual strength
  • Daily support and encouragement from me through either private emails, WhatsApp and the Facebook group
  • Private WhatsApp group
  • Weekly inspirational videos via Facebook page from inspiring women in the health and wellbeing field with tips on how to nurture and inspire your woman

I am so excited to support you into stepping into the amazing woman you are through understanding and acknowledging what’s going on under your skin.