The Real Challenge Women Are Facing

The Real Challenge Women Are Facing

Is having no challenge at all.

Do you ever get those moments of anxiety and frustration?  Why do you think that is?

Observing the many women I work with, I believe their emotional responses to life lay in the lack of healthy challenge they receive from their environment on a day to day basis.

Understanding The Difference Between Challenge And Stress

Getting your children to school on time, food shopping and meeting that work deadline is more about stress than challenge (just ask your nervous system).

I mean getting your shoes off and walking across a terrain that makes you think where you put your feet.  Where you have to climb or swing from a tree.  Where you have to communicate with nature and work with it.

I’m currently challenged by a tree in our local park that I climb over barefoot, using different methods of locomotion. Not only am I strengthening my body with healthy loads, improving the vocabulary of nerves and senses, I’m discharging the energy that has built up inside of me, making me less reactive to the days events.

And this is why I believe women are experiencing such emotional overwhelm, including painful health issues such as PMS, because they aren’t discharging the enormous amount of energy their bodies hold and challenging what they believe to be true.

When you are unable to discharge emotion from your body, it builds up whereby you direct it somewhere else.  Almost like a weak muscle that can’t take anymore. Communication breaks down and relationship is jeopardised.

Do you suffer from painful periods? If so, your body is trying to tell you something and because you haven’t been listening the only communication it has is pain. But your body and your health doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable or painful experience.

Challenge your movement, get outdoors as much as you can and create an environment that inspires you too thrive.


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