What To Do When Your Periods Are Debilitating?

What To Do When Your Periods Are Debilitating?

How does your period communicate itself? Do you even notice it’s there? Or are you bombarded with menstrual cramps and emotional overload?

Whatever your relationship, the lack of freedom our periods have had over the last 500 years has dictated the way we women express ourselves during this very intimate and soulful time. And this lack of freedom has been what’s taken the very soul out of our periods, leading to the many debilitating symptoms we currently experience:

Do you feel:

Bleed heavily
Menstrual cramps

Ignoring these symptoms, suppressing them and covering them up come second nature, right? This I believe comes from the underlying shame periods carry. Believing they shouldn’t be seen or talked about in public see’s women push even harder at a time she needs to ease off the gear pedal of daily life. This all creates a tension towards the perception of what a period really is, thus creating the outward expressions of the above. How so?

If you experience heavy and painful periods, the worry you have about coming on in public or at work is always weighing on your mind as you near your due date. This worry then sets the fight or flight response into action which then sees you completely ignore your cyclical needs. You pull up and in, which totally goes against what your period actually needs to do; to let go and move out. It’s at this time many women find themselves highly triggered by their emotions, and this is because they are ignoring their bodies responses to their lifestyle. It can feel a bitter pill to swallow since the life you are living is what you’ve been told is good for you. And this is where we need to unravel.

And it needn’t feel overwhelming this unravelling! In fact, it’s a lot more productive than ignoring our periods because like small children, they will not go away. They just scream louder and in other parts of your body (hence the migraines).

So what can you do? Let’s start with your cycle. How long is it? 25, 28, 35 days? Start checking in and writing down your feelings for each day until you start to see your patterns of stress retention. This is where you can plan and put into place tools that de-stress and unload the burden.

The 3 main areas I always ask women to look is:


These are going to be impacting your hormones to either thrive or fall and you can adapt each of them to suit the various parts of your cycle.

Once you get into your flow, life will become way easier and more enjoyable because you’re creating an approach that is unique to you, not a statistic or generalisation.

Big love my darling woman.

Abi x

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