Transformation – do we really need to?

Transformation – do we really need to?

Nouna thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

We all have our own ideas on transformation, but for me, transformation comes from the dark side (shock! Horror!  How dare I mention the……… daaaaark side). But it’s true, transformation happens when the shit hits the fan, you get ill, death shows up or that sensation we all fear, unhappiness.

And all of us get unhappy at one stage or another. It all depends on what you do with that energy. Because that’s what transformation is, an energy needing a different route to travel. An understanding that your energy isn’t being served in its current environment.

But how many of us ignore this calling, this message, this need to transform???

Oooohhh I don’t know…. perhaps nearly all of us! But why?

Because we are unaware of the power we hold through our choices. Limited thought processes we have been taught lead us to believe there is only a certain way out of any experience, or sometimes there isn’t even a way. You just have to suck it up, grit ya teeth and knuckle down (dear god, it makes me want to throw my head in my hands)!

Life requires some hard experience cards being dealt at times, but it’s through these gritty times we learn about ourselves, how powerful we are and what we can achieve. Through hard work I’ve turned the blaming of others during those unsavoury situations into empowering driving tools. Realising what I have achieved and feeling exceptionally grateful for them.

So why does anyone need to transform? Perhaps you don’t. But from an embryo you had a desire to grow and be born and become a baby. From there, you were determined to move, walk and explore your world that just seemed to get bigger and bigger as your eyesight developed. Your dreams and aspirations held no bounds as you journied through school, college and maybe Uni. One epic story of transformation after another. Why stop?

Just because you’ve reached a certain age, got the job, partner, house and child, doesn’t mean transformation stops. You’ve just covered it up with a story to make you feel better.

Mind Body Transformation reveals those stories, expands your world and gets you creating again. You become bigger than you ever thought possible.

It’s your story, let’s start telling it again. Book your first session of Mind Body Transformation here.

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