Hi, I’m Abi, AKA The Soulful Coach

I use movement mentoring, wellbeing coaching and holistic practices to guide women through challenging moments in their lives, so they can be present, live well and unleash their potential. I cultivate personal growth, emotional development and equip my clients with the tools they need for change.

Using a bespoke blend of yoga, kinesiology, bioenergy and physical movement I work on an intimate level with each client harnessing the power of motion to transform their thinking – and empower their lives.

Abi’s more than a teacher, she’s an experience that will change your life.

Suzy Harris, Actis Asset Management.


Upgrade your personal support, or transform your energy as a couple, to alleviate emotional responses in the body stored as pain & tension with a combination of movement, holistic therapies and menstrual cycle awareness.


Transforming your relationship with your body by moving from the inside out, hormonising life for masculine and feminine clarity through immersions, workshops & talks.


More than a massage, this in-depth soul soothing experience combines 20 years of feeling the human body through Thai massage, facial therapy, sound healing and kinesiology.


This podcast was created Abi Adams, a girl learning to be women, loving life but needing empowering conversations to understand her body and who she truly is. Tune in to personal topics from the heart, from experience and from a viewpoint of wanting to understand more about what it is to be female.

A few kind words

My Method

I have a depth and range of holistic expertise that enables me to connect with my clients on multiple levels.

I’m a professional masseuse, a movement coach, yoga teacher and callisthenics instructor and have studied kinesiology, sound healing and visualisation practices in depth. But fundamentally, I am a champion of positive and profound personal change.

If you’re ready to make the first step on your journey to fulfilment, body positivity and mental and emotional harmony, my programmes and packages are for you.