I’m Abi and I get you moving with your menstrual cycle, empowering every choice you make when it comes to your unique health and wellbeing needs. Giving you mental, emotional and physical freedom and most importantly, putting the fun into the way you exercise.

Sound good? Let me explain…

Your period is more than just your 3-6 day bleed. In fact, it’s 28-30 days of many hormones networking that inspires you do the things you enjoy (that 10k run or quality time just for you), and sometimes the things you know don’t fulfil you (eating too much and reaching for that 2nd bottle of wine). But what if I told you that by putting certain exercises at certain times of your cycle you’d get more benefit for your mind, body and emotions? Because at specific times of the month, your body requires habits that enable you to thrive and stop fighting yourself (and life). But if you don’t know what’s happening under your skin, how do you know what to reach for when those emotions/feelings come knocking?

My passion for understanding a woman’s body has lead me to create Prøject Wøman: a unique experience that gives you the opportunity to find out what makes your body, mind and emotions happy through the power of movement, menstrual cycle awareness and holistic approaches.

The ability to move with your menstrual cycle gives you the freedom of choice to make confident decisions when it comes to your needs.

“Abi is more than a teacher, she’s an experience that will change your life.

Suzy Harris, London.

I Believe…
That everybody is a great body and deserves to be happy
Movement evokes laughter and positive vibes
Shake your body hard enough and the emotional cobwebs start to disappear
When a woman creates a fulfilling relationship with her body (as well as fairies breakdancing), she creates the change this world needs for young women to grow up confident and able to communicate
The more women laugh, the more powerful they become

Why Me?
Passion has inspired my 20 years of movement to motivate women to challenge what they believe be true about their bodies and who they are so they can upgrade their communication, change the script, take action and feel great about themselves.

Movement has been a constant cause of curiosity, inspiration, and at various points in my life saved me from emotional self-sabotage. This is what I want to share with you.


This podcast was created Abi Adams, a girl learning to be women, loving life but needing empowering conversations to understand her body and who she truly is. Tune in to personal topics from the heart, from experience and from a viewpoint of wanting to understand more about what it is to be female.

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